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The strength of an

engineering firm lies

in the expertise of

their consulting engineers.

KEVIN COVEY - Director

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Multi-award winning Kelley Covey Group
established in 2002 and still growing.

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Covey Cycling Team

Covey Associates contains among its ranks several keen road cyclists. To promote healthy lifestyles and active participation among its employees Covey Associates commissioned Scody to design and produce Covey Associates cycling outfits.


Chris Camp, Anthony Power, Rob Mitchell, Simon Goodwin and Mark Buckton of Covey Engineers in the new Cycling Uniforms.

The Covey Cycling Team clocks up over 20,000km each year and can be found cycling the roads across the Sunshine Coast and its hinterland. Various team rides will be planned through the year as well as members training in various solo and group rides each week.

Look out for the Covey Cycling Team on a road near you.



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